Kerry, Netanyahu in Tel Aviv July 23. (photo credit:REUTERS)

Have I got news for you!

Gershon Baskin believes that violence and force will beget more violence and force and it will never end without serious and genuine talks toward concluding the negotiations. read more


Gershon Baskin speaking on Al Jazeera Media Network

The end of the Oslo agreement?

Gershon Baskin relates to the question “Is peace between Israel and the Palestinians further away than ever?” by stating that best possible form of negotiation has been when the leaders of two sides are left to face each other in a room by themselves. read more


Gershon Baskin

Two States for Two Peoples – 20 years after Oslo II: How to renew the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians

Gershon Baskin makes the case for a new compact for Gaza: reconstruction for demilitarization. Gershon believes that you cannot resolve the problem by just throwing money at it. The reconstruction of Gaza is essential, but the Hamas isn’t the least bit interested in this. This was not what motivated them. It is very much an Israeli/Jewish mindset which says ‘let’s throw money at the problem and resolve it.’ read more