HAMAS SPOKESMAN Fawzi Barhoum is carried by Gazans as they celebrate what they called a victory over Israel during the cease-fire in Gaza City yesterday.. (photo credit:REUTERS

Changes in Gaza since the 2005 disengagement

Gershon Baskin shares his insights about the changes in Gaza since the 2005 disengagement and what has transpired in Gaza since Operation Protective Edge in the Summer of 2014. read more


Gershon Baskin at the Israel Now Conference, July 24, 2015

Gershon Baskin: If not now, When?

Based on his experience with the Hamas, Gershon Baskin shares his views at the Israel Now conference in Tel Aviv, explaining his vision of Zionism and the state of the two state solution. read more


Israel Palestine Center for Research and Information - IPCRI

IPCRI – Israel Palestine Creative Regional Initiatives appoints new Executive co-Directors

Razan Shaqoura and Liel Maghen have been appointed as the new Executive co-Directors of IPCRI, the Israel Palestine Creative Regional Initiatives. read more