Yearly Archives: 2012

Towards Expanding European Influence

The European Union and -Palestine

In order for Europe to move beyond words and to actually have the ability to influence positive Israeli and Palestinian movement towards real peace, it must be willing implement policies that can convince people and governments that Europe is serious. read more

A responsibility to speak

Gershon Baskin

Gershon Baskin asks if would be great if the people of Gaza said to Hamas and Jihad “we don’t want you to defend us by sending rockets into Israel … We want our leadership to invest in building schools, parks, museums, factories, etc. and not rockets, bunkers, and bombs”… [Gaza] is not like the West Bank -Israel has no territorial claims or aspirations in Gaza. read more

Negociando en campo minado

Ahmed al-Jaabari with Gilad Shalit

Todo lo que está pasando actualmente no era inevitable, pero hubiera sido necesaria la intervención de mentes más frías. El asesinato de Yabari acaba de sacar del escenario a uno de los actores políticos más útiles de Hamas. read more