Gershon Baskin

Turkey should take part in the withdrawal from Gaza: Gazze’den çekilmede Türkiye rol almali

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Gershon Baskin discusses expected developments in the Palestinian elections and the role of Turkey in the conflict in the Middle East.

Israel Palestine Center for Research and Information (?PCR), the General Coordinator Dr. Gershon Baskin, discusses expected developments in the Palestinian elections and the aftermath and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said he believes will prove to be a successful leader.

According to Baskin, Mahmoud Abbas to return to peace negotiations with Israel will do its utmost, because the Palestinian people has given its full support case.


“Mahmoud Abbas, not just to be the head of state, Palestine came head to bring the solution to the vital problems of the people. Even though Although difficulties, this will be able to work, because it has the people’s full support,”

he said.


“The elections boycotted by Hamas and Islamic Jihad, but close enough to be forced in the future, Mahmoud Abbas, Mahmoud Abbas have to agree. Because the authority of Mahmoud Abbas in. If Hamas and Jihad, if Abbas agreed, the PLO will go before them precise, “

he said.

Dr. Baskin also claim the raids, Hamas and Islamic Jihad Mahmoud Abbas will put into 5 requirement. Dominant,

“Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the refugee problem is not killing the Palestinian people imprisoned Palestinians released, the people return to normal life and management will want to have a say. Case that the other four conditions Abbas in the program except for the last item. Management said Abbas probably about to have ‘participated in the parliamentary elections in summer, show your strength there “will say or cabinet ministers to take close 1-2 Hamas will solve this end,”

he said.

Baskin, the Israeli side, Ariel Sharon, also in his coalition Labour Party, “we do not expect an election recently in Israel. But it would not be clear. If a problem occurs, especially in budget negotiations need to avoid legal choice. But withdrawal from Gaza currently the subject has received the support of the coalition. At this point, Turkey, the withdrawal should take the role takes place, “he said. Referring to Israel and Palestine to use the last chance for peace Baskin, “Two people were tired. I need to miss this train,” he said.

Peace strategies and the continued presence as a think-tank organization that was established 16 years ago to develop alternative politics and ?PCR at the position as a bridge between Israel and Palestine.