Michael Hoffman

Revelation of the Method in Israeli attacks on Gaza

From Israeli negotiator Gershon Baskin comes this key piece of Revelation of the Method. It shows that until a few days ago, the recent rocket attacks on the Israeli state were largely the work of Salafist (Saudi and western-intelligence-connected, Al Qaeda-style) groups who oppose Hamas.

Mr. Baskin reveals that it was the chief Hamas negotiator on preventing rocket attacks, Ahmed al-Jabari, who the Israelis assassinated in a Barzini gambit.

Jabari was one of the few Hamas enforcers with the power to stop the renegade Salafist rocketeers in Gaza. He was considering an apparent Israeli proposal for a ceasefire, which had been brokered by Egypt, when the Israelis terror-bombed the car he was riding in, killing him and his son.

Recall in the “Godfather” movie that a rival mobster named Barzini wanted to take over the Vito Corloene family by starting a war. Sonny, Vito’s hot-headed eldest, was lured into an angry reaction when Barzini paid Sonny’s brother-in-law Carlo, to beat Sonny’s sister. In response, Sonny thoughtlessly jumped into a car to get revenge. On his way to administer a beating to Carlo, Sonny is cut down in a hail of bullets at a thruway toll booth. The war begins in earnest and tit-for-tat violence becomes the order of the day.

In the latest Gaza version of this blood theatre, the part of Sonny’s sister is played by Jabari, who is suckered into believing he will help bring about a ceasefire and is instead murdered. Hamas is the stand-in for Sonny. Their use of rockets against Israeli cities is tantamount to Sonny roaring off in his automobile to vengefully beat Carlo.

Our script might be dismissed as far-fetched were it not for the fact that the Israeli government’s own negotiator has confirmed the details. His revelation consists in the fact that every four years or so, the Israelis decide to “mow the lawn” in Gaza — i.e. as a matter of routine — destroy dozens or hundreds of buildings and kill dozens or hundreds of Palestinians, as was accomplished the last time this occurred, in “Operation Cast Lead.”

To slaughter the requisite number of Palestinians and fulfill the quota for the destruction of the infrastructure in Gaza, Ahmed al-Jabari, the Hamas leader most likely to control renegade rocket attacks, was assassinated last week. Rockets were then launched, Sonny Corleone style, by Hamas, in revenge, and it is only at this point, and not before, that Fox News, the Protestant Fundamentalists and the Catholic neocons begin their account of what has happened: poor little “Israel” — only defending itself against intolerable rocket attacks by Arab terrorists.


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