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MidEast Advisory Services

MidEast Advisory Services

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MidEast Advisor Services (MEAS) provides independent, custom-tailored analysis and recommendations to some of the world’s leading decision makers, corporations, governments and non governmental organizations.

The added value of MidEast Advisor Services (MEAS), is the distinctive ability to provide our clients with comprehensive tools for understanding and shaping their business and political surroundings.

MidEast Advisor Services (MEAS) clients benefit from the extensive network established by Gershon Baskin with current and former senior political and business leaders, diplomats, as well as with other key international figures around the region and the world.

MidEast Advisor Services (MEAS) empowers clients with the capability to understand the complex and enigmatic regional business arena where business, government, politics and media interact. This allows us to serve our clients in overcoming challenges, creating new links and building long lasting business relations.

MidEast Advisor Services (MEAS) offers a Speakers Bureau; Business Consulting and Strategic Investments Advice including Portfolio Strategies, Fund Research and Recommendations and Asset Allocation; Diplomatic Services; Conference, Meeting and Event Organization; and Political Advocacy.

Speakers Bureau
The MidEast Advisor Services (MEAS) Speakers Bureau provides meeting planners and event organizers with the world’s most foremost speakers that are experts on the situation in the Middle East. The Speakers Bureau strives for distinction both in their relationships with their speakers as well as with meeting planners. The Bureau specializes in providing professional speakers for conventions, conferences, corporate events and special events of all types.

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Strategic Investments
Recognizes Israel’s and Palestine’s innovative, state of the art, technologies and their abilities to not only promote successful businesses globally, but also to advance solutions that would cope with the most difficult challenges the world faces today. For these reasons, MidEast Advisor Services (MEAS) and Gershon Baskin are involved in numerous strategic endeavors in areas such as water related projects, agriculture food security, and renewable energy.

MidEast Advisor Services (MEAS) investment advisory team offers numerous primary portfolio composition strategies, including both Stock-Based Strategies and Multi-Manager Strategies that combines asset allocation and fund recommendations.

MidEast Advisor Services (MEAS) Strategic Investments strategies can be customized to accommodate the client’s universe of available funds and needs for number and type of asset classes desired.

Diplomatic Services
MidEast Advisor Services (MEAS) specializes in organizing and arranging special educational tours, meetings and briefings for visiting dignitaries. We preparing detailed written briefs on both local and regional issues.

Conference, Event and Meeting Organization

MidEast Advisor Services (MEAS) Event Management team ensures worry-free engagements. We bring the highest level of professionalism to every event from speaker selection until the final applause. The team assists you in customizing and implementing your programming ideas to help make your event a success. We provide speakers and workshops on subjects dealing with Middle East politics, economics and business, the peace process, Israeli and Palestinian societies, international relations and the Middle East, Israeli and Palestinian affairs, water issues in the Middle East, regional strategic issues, Israeli-Palestinian peace issues, Israeli and Palestinian society and Jerusalem.

Business Consulting

MidEast Advisor Services (MEAS) provides assistance in cross boundary Israeli Palestinian business and trade facilitation.

Political Advocacy
MidEast Advisor Services (MEAS) helps toput strategies into policy reform and into action.