UN-Sponsored Conference Demands Funding For The Hamas Government

Hamas Harakat al-Muqawamah al-Islamiyya (Islamic Resistance Movement)

Gershon Baskin thinks that Israel should withdraw from territories to the East of the barrier, with the area from which Israel withdraws being placed under the jurisdiction of a United Nations Interim Mission. The Mission’s military arm would replace the Israeli army contingents along the Jordan River, secure Israel’s borders in the West Bank, man all crossing points from Israel to the West Bank, and work directly with Palestinian security forces under a single command. read more

Gershon Baskin addresses the United Nations Seminar of Assistance to the Palestinian People in Cairo

The United Nations Information System on the Question of Palestine (UNISPAL)

In his address to the United Nations Seminar of Assistance to the Palestinian People held in Cairo, Gershon Baskin said that the Israelis and the Palestinians did not have the tools or ability to resolve the conflict by themselves. read more

Freedom in our time

An evacuated Jewish settlement in Gaza

During Pessah this year let us remember that the experience of slavery has created for us a deep consciousness and a passionate commitment to freedom and justice as incorporated in the Torah. We vow to remember that we were once slaves in Egypt and today we can retell our story of liberation. Let us truly become free, free from occupation, free from conflict and free to build peace with our neighbours. read more

East Timor in Palestine

Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste

Gershon Baskin thinks that by taking the initiative of creating the international interim governing authority in Palestine, Israel can ensure the orderly takeover of control of territories from which it seeks to withdraw. read more