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Secret Schalit negotiations unveiled

The Negotiator: Freeing Gilad Shalit from Hamas

“The Negotiator” is not entirely reassuring when it comes to the larger peace process. “Look, Gershon, I will never recognize Israel or make peace with it,” one senior Hamas leader told Baskin. “Neither will my son. What my grandson will do, I do not know.” But Baskin insists on seeing a glimmer of hope in these words: “At least the door might open in two generations.” read more

Seeking Peace Among the Warriors

The Negotiator: Freeing Gilad Shalit from Hamas

The Negotiator: Freeing Gilad Schalit is the story of Gershon Baskin, who decided to act on his own, without government support, to free Schalit. Thus begins the extraordinary tale of one man and how his contacts on all sides of the bitter ideological-political divide eventually helped free the soldier. read more