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The Israeli Palestinian Peace process: lessons learned from 22 years of failed agreements

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Date(s) - Wednesday, April 29, 2015
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

George Mason University
3434 N Washington Blvd

United States


Gershon Baskin at George Mason

Gershon Baskin at George Mason

Israeli Palestinian – is it still possible? Twenty two years of failed peace process have left the public on both sides of the conflict with a deep sense that there is no partner for peace and that peace is not possible. Israel and the PLO signed six agreements over the years and all of them were breached. Many lessons can be drawn from the long years of experience in negotiations and in implementation (and non-implementation) of agreements. This lecture will focus on the lessons that should be learned from the failures of Israeli Palestinian peace processes and conclusions will be offered regarding future prospects. The lessons learned have clear prescriptive dimensions for other conflicts and peace processes as well.

Please join S-CAR in welcoming Gerson Baskin for a lecture. This event is initiated and facilitated by PhD student Carol Daniel Kasbari and sponsored by the S-CAR Student Association. Professor Sara Cobb will be the host faculty of the event.

Click here for the Backgrounder The Failed Oslo Peace Process What Went Wrong and Lessons Learned

Gershon Baskin, Ph.D., was the initiator and the person responsible for the secret back channel between Israel and the Hamas that successfully negotiated the release of Israeli abducted soldier Gilead Schalit. His book on the secret negotiations was published in Hebrew in June 2013 (????? ?? ????) and in English in Ocotver 2013 (The Negotiator – Freeing Gilad Schalit from Hamas – Toby Press)

During the Premiership of the late Yitzhak Rabin, he served as an advisor on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process to a secret team of intelligence officers established by Mr. Rabin. Dr. Baskin was a member of the Jerusalem Experts Committee established by the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office during the Final Status Negotiations in 2000-2001.

From 1988 – 2011, Dr. Baskin was the Israeli Co-Director and founder of the Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information (IPCRI) (newly branded as Israel Palestine Creative Regional Initiatives) – a joint Israeli-Palestinian public policy think and “do”-tank located in Jerusalem. Since January 2012 he is the Co-Chairman of IPCRI’s Board of Directors.

Dr. Baskin holds a Ph.D. in International Affairs from University of Greenwich. His dissertation was on Sovereignty and Territory in the Future of Jerusalem, parts of which were published as a book Jerusalem of Peace. To read more: 


Carol Daniel Kasbari, conflict transformation specialist and veteran facilitator for groups in conflict in the Middle East since 1995. She managed several USAID programs through local and international NGO’s such as Search for Common Ground, Catholic Relief Services and other in various fields such as in media, dialogue, education and advocacy. She worked with numerous groups such as wounded crossing borders, senior media professionals, high school educators, women activists and many others in Israel, Palestine, Turkey, Greece and Bosnia. She was the co-founder and director of the Israeli Palestinian Media Forum (IPMF) and a consultant for UNESCO’s division of Freedom of Expression for 8 years.  In 2011, she held a powerful TEDx talk on “Going beyond the Dialogue of Words” to illustrate through her personal experience the numerous ways to act and reach out to the other, to cross the emotional and physical borders to create a dialogue of actions: 

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