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How can call help to unify a divided Skane?

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Date(s) - Monday, March 2, 2015
3:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Grand Hotel Lund
Bantorget 1

222 29


Events in the world and in Skåne municipalities engage and contribute to concerns that expressions of community and solidarity. There is reason for concern with cultural and religious differences, exploited political, out in the world and here at home in Sweden. But it is also important to be reminded of the forces on across the belongings act for a stronger social cohesion.

How do we strengthen social cohesion?
How can call help to unify a divided Skane?

Rabbi Rebecca Lillian, Jewish Community of Malmö, in conversation with Gershon Baskin, who is co-founder of the Israel-Palestine: Creative Regional Initiative (IPCRI), a nonprofit think tank that combines research with the peace-building and advocacy in Israel and Palestine.
The forum participants also psychologist Eugenia Rozenberg, Regional Member Annerby Annika Jansson and author Maria Küchen, with reflections on the basis of the psychological, political and religious conversation.

Moderator Aldo Iskra, Secretary General, Open Skåne.

Skåne County (Swedish: Skåne län), sometimes referred to as “Scania County” in English, is the southernmost county or län, of Sweden, basically corresponding to the traditional province Skåne. It borders the counties of Halland, Kronoberg and Blekinge. The seat of residence for the Skåne Governor is the town of Malmö. The headquarters of Skåne Regional Council is the town of Kristianstad.

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