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Existential Realities

UNSCOP (3 September 1947) and UN Ad Hoc Committee (25 November 1947) partition plans. The UN Ad Hoc committee proposal was voted on in the resolution.

Gershon Baskin believes that for Israel, the creation of a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders remains the surest way to preserve the Jewish people’s territorial expression on their national identity. read more

If I were a Palestinian

Lonny Baskin (Brother of Gershon), Gershon Baskin, Eyal Aviv (Director of MePeace) and Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen)

Gershon Baskin shares his ideas about what he would do if he were a Palestinian, now that the two-state solution seems impossible, but mainly because he is an Israeli Jew who really wants Israel to genuinely be the democratic nation-state of the Jewish people. read more