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We want peace, but they don’t

Gershon Baskin and Mohammad Abbas (Abu Mazen)

It is not fate that has created the lack of partners – it is the work of leaders who have failed. Now we need new leaders who will refuse to fail and will not try to convince us that peace is only the naïve dream of false prophets. Peace is a decision first, and then it is made through actions. read more

Fatah official: Israel, Hamas in direct talks

Ghazi Hamad

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas stated that Israel and Hamas, are engaged in direct contact. Ghazi Hamad, the go-between who, on behalf of Hamas, oversaw at the time the negotiations for the release of Shalit, working with Gershon Baskin. According to a Palestinian source, “When President Abbas says there are contacts, this is based on vetted information that we have gathered and cross-referenced”. read more