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Replacing fear with curiosity, Israelis foray into Ramallah

Gershon Baskin and Mahmoud Abbas

Gershon Baskin says that trips by Israelis to Ramallah are needed to foster understanding after years of enforced separation that deepened the divide between the two peoples. There will never be peace in this land unless the people living on the land talk to each other and drop these walls of fear, animosity and hatred. read more

Secret Schalit negotiations unveiled

The Negotiator: Freeing Gilad Shalit from Hamas

“The Negotiator” is not entirely reassuring when it comes to the larger peace process. “Look, Gershon, I will never recognize Israel or make peace with it,” one senior Hamas leader told Baskin. “Neither will my son. What my grandson will do, I do not know.” But Baskin insists on seeing a glimmer of hope in these words: “At least the door might open in two generations.” read more