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Congratulations, Egypt!

A protester who opposes Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi, is seen through a flag, on which the word Egyptian is inscribed, as she chants slogans during a demonstration against Mursi and members of the Muslim Brotherhood at Tahrir Square in Cairo,

Gershon Baskin extends his hand in peace to the people of Egypt and to its elected leaders and congratulates the people of Egypt and their new president, Mohammed Morsi, for the first fully democratic elections in the largest Arab country in the world. read more

Unity, disunity and peace

PA President Abbas meets Hamas chief Mashaal in Qatar 390 R. (photo credit:REUTERS/Thaer Ghanaim/PPO/Handout)

Gershon Baskin believes that it is most unfortunate that even with such a large coalition and political stability, Israel’s outstretched hand is not seeking a handshake of peace with the Palestinians, but instead is carrying government decisions to take more of their land. read more