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I call it national suicide


Unlike Masada, agreeing with those around us means working with the international community and the Palestinian people to end our control over them and create a Palestinian state in the West Bank and eventually in Gaza. read more

Forgetting September

Security Council Meeting on Middle East Situation

Follow @gershonbaskin The sudden sprouting of tent camps and Israeli demonstrations has allowed the public a brief reprieve from having to confront Israel’s international reality and the Palestinian decision to bring the conflict to the UN Security Council in September.While … read more

I should be a millionaire!

The office of Gershon Baskin, co-founder of IPCRI, who tirelessly worked to release Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit from long captivity at the hands of Hamas. The veteran peace activist is always working. If someone in distress calls him at dawn, for instance, he leaves everything behind and goes wherever he has to, with little sleep.

I think the general Israeli Jewish attitude is that we really don’t have anything to learn from the Arabs..Israel will not meet its full potential until Jews and Arabs are equal here, and until Israel no longer rules over millions of Palestinians who reject that rule. read more