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What Happened to George Mitchell

Winnipeg Jewish Review

if hard core left-wing Israelis (like Gershon Baskin) and Palestinians committed to non-violence could not come close to a deal at a conference such as this, I did not see any bilateral agreement on the horizon–whether or not George Mitchell was injected into the formula. read more

Why I blew the whistle about Palestine

Ziyad Clot

In January 2011, Gershon Baskin claimed that he was 100 percent sure that a former disgruntled employed of the Palestinian Liberation Organization‘s (PLO) Negotiations Affairs Department leaked the Negotiation Support Unit (NSU) documents, and that they are genuine. Even though the PLO vehemently denied the report, 5 months later, Ziyad Clot, a former adviser for the NSU involved in 2008 Annapolis negotiations confirmed Gershon Baskin’s claim and exposed himself as one of the sources of the leaks. read more