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Gershon Baskin and the Palestinian Negotiation Support Unit (NSU) Documents

The Guardian

Gershon Baskin is 100 percent sure that a former disgruntled employed member of the Negotiations Support Unit headed by Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat leaked the documents. In the NSU document leaked about Gershon Baskin he advocates imposing the two-state solution in the United Nations, as once Palestine gets full membership at the United Nations,the situation on the ground would be of one member-state (Israel) occupying another member-state (Palestine). read more

To be suspect

CHILDREN HOLDING hands create a giant peace sign

The present political environment makes 1989 look like child’s play…..(people)… are playing with fire and our democracy is at stake, along with the many innocent citizens whose ‘crime’ is working for this to be a truly democratic state living in peace with its neighbors. read more