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In the land of miracles, let’s get real

Gershon Baskin with Salam Fayyad, Palestinian politician and former Prime Minister of the Palestinian National Authority.

Gershon Baskin believes that Palestinian unilateralism might be the best way forward, and a two-year plan for Palestinian statehood, supported by Obama and the Quartet with significant aid and assistance, successfully demonstrating Palestinian resolve for statehood and peace with its neighbour might be the best way to convince the Israeli public that they must allow the Palestinians to gain freedom from Israeli control. read more

Getting behind Obama

US President Obama with Prime Minister Netanyahu and PA President Abbas, September 1, 2010. (photo credit:REUTERS/Jason Reed )

Dr. Gershon Baskin made an impassioned plea for the Israeli public to wake up and reinvigorate the vanished pro-peace lobby. But it is not only the domestic lobby which needs to get its act together. Our progressive pro-peace friends abroad also need to work on influencing their respective governments, and the US administration in particular, to exert real pressure on both Israelis and Palestinians to implement difficult compromises. read more

A progressive new year

Jewish Youths in Israel wave flags and stand atop a hill. The author recalls his own young days in Zionist youth groups

Rosh Hashana is a time for reflection, a time to look back while considering the future. Israel is an amazing country. There is so much to be proud of, so many achievements in such a short time. No other country has accomplished so much while faced with so many challenges. Yet with all its achievements, it is difficult to predict if Israel’s immediate future carries the promise of peace, security and prosperity, or a much less happy fate. read more