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The Annapolis process

The National

The Annapolis conference in Maryland held in 2007 and sponsored by President Bush, fell short of achieving its aim of concluding a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians by the end of 2008. Even so, Mr Bush can now leave office knowing that the aims of Annapolis have at least been enshrined in UN Security Council Resolution 1850 which passed without opposition on Tuesday. “What that resolution does,” said US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, “is to put the international community on record in believing in the irreversibility of the Annapolis process – bilateral negotiations toward a two-state solution, a comprehensive solution, and the various principles of Annapolis and what the parties have established since then.” The peace process has become “the Annapolis process”. What if anything that process will yield in 2009 is far from clear. An international meeting in Moscow is under consideration. read more

Reared to public service

Alon Tal, the third candidate on the Green Movement-Meimad's Knesset list, addressing the party's kick-off rally on Jan. 18 in Tel Aviv. Photo by Yosef Israel Abramowitz.

Gershon Baskin founded the Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information is a bastion of coexistence initiatives that participates in Track II diplomacy (informal diplomacy, in which non-officials engage in dialogue, with the aim of conflict resolution or confidence-building) between Israelis and Palestinians and also focuses on peace education and environment and water issues. read more