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A Letter to President-elect Obama

Rabbi Menachem From and Ibrahim Abu el Hawa

Gershon Baskin proposes that Two Rabbis, two Muslim Sheikhs and two Christian Bishops from the Holy Land deliver a message of peace from the Holy City to the new President and to the American people that would serve as a strong symbol for the renewed hope for peace in the world. read more

Advisory Positions

Gershon Baskin shares his views on peace at 3S Artspace

Follow @gershonbaskin The Future of Jerusalem 2000 Member of Prime Minister Barak’s expert team on Jerusalem working on preparing the Israeli positions regarding Jerusalem in the permanent status negotiations with the Palestinians. Security and Strategic Affairs 2005 The Leaders Project … read more


Gershon Baskin

Follow @gershonbaskin 2005 – present Founding Member of the Steering Committee of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace NGO Forum, a network of more than 100 Israeli and Palestinian peace and dialogue NGO’s. 2005 – present Member of the Executive Committee of ALLMEP … read more

Formal Education

Gershon Baskin (sitting in front row, second from right) in his 6th Grade photo at the Shore Road Elementary Bellmore, LI (South Shore). His teacher is Gerald Thompson.

Follow @gershonbaskin 1993 Ph.D. International Affairs, Greenwich University Dissertation: Sovereignty and Territory in the Future of Jerusalem (Ph.D. Mentors and academic supervisors: Prof. Alan Dowty, Notre Dame University and Prof. Edy Kaufman, University of Maryland and Hebrew University) 1991 M.A. … read more