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A Skeptical Audience Awaits Barack Obama in Israel

Abbas, Netanyahu, Obama

Gershon Baskin said he regards the election of Obama as “essential for Israel,” but he also said that the majority of Israelis will never agree with him as he doesn’t have the knee-jerk reaction of using force to fix everything, which is a widespread Israeli position on much of the left as well as the right. read more

Palestinian nationalism is the mirror of Zionism

Jewish Youths in Israel wave flags and stand atop a hill. The author recalls his own young days in Zionist youth groups

Gershon Baskin feels that the fulfillment of Palestinian national aspirations is what will enable the ultimate fulfillment of Jewish national aspirations. Our security is their security, their security is ours. Time is running out for both of us, but there is still sufficient time to reach an agreement that will save both national movements from mutual destruction. read more